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May 20, 2013
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Hetalia America X Reader Home Run! by MC-Sherlock Hetalia America X Reader Home Run! by MC-Sherlock
I have the story as a download and to read here!

"No, I don't wanna wake up. Not yet."

"Come on. Open your eyes."

"Five more minutes, Dad. Please! Five more."

"No more minutes. Open those eyes and look at me."

Suddenly I realized that the voice urging me to wake up didn't belong to my father. And besides, I hadn't lived at home in over ten years.

"Come on. Look at me."

It took some effort, but I managed to open my eyes, a little. Light. Swirling light. A pain pounded in my head. I closed my eyes back tight for a moment and then tried again. This time there was a blurred face in the light.

I blinked a few times and the face slowly came into focus. A boy's face.

"Ok! Good! You're Ok! You had me worried (Your name)! HAHAHA!"

I blinked a few more times, trying to fight the pain and a wave of nausea. At least
I had a cute boy to watch while I did.

After a bit more blinking, I started to recognize the face. He is a tall blonde with a stubborn piece of hair that refused to lie down on his head (so it stuck straight up) ,wore glasses, and had a worried look on his face. This boy was none other than my best friend, Alfred F. Jones.

"Ugh...Alfred...What happened? Where am I?" I ask my hand rubbing at the throbbing pain in the back of my head.

"(Your name) DUDE! YOU'RE OK!!" Alfred says glomping me, making the pain even more intense.

"T-thanks! But seriously what happened! Where am I?" I say struggling to shove him off of me so I can sit up.

"You don't remember? WOW! You musta' been hit HAAAARD!" he says patting my hand. Only making me wince with more pain, instead of comforting me, ironically...

"...No...I do not remember, Alfred ...Otherwise I would not have asked you where I was and what the frigg happened, two freaking times." I glare wanting an answer.

"Oh! Sorry! We were playing baseball in gym, and it was Gilbert's turn to bat, so he hit the baseball...and it kinda came crashin' down and hit you in the back of the head..." He pauses. "AND OF COARSE ME BEING THE HERO, I CARRIED YOU HERE!" He spreads his arms out wide "TO THE NURSES OFFICE!"

I was lying on a small cot, still wearing my PE uniform, A gray shirt that said "W ACADEMY" and black shorts. The room has four other beds in it, all in a horizontal row. Since nobody really got hurt or sick often, the nurse only came when there was a serious injury, or somebody was really sick. For most minor things we just stayed in our dorms.

"O-oh...Thank you...You didn't have to carry me here! You could've just kicked me off to the side and said She'll be ok!." I say back smiling. I really feel like I don't deserve all the kindness he shows me...He can be OBNOXIOUS, stubborn and loud, but he could be really sweet when he wanted to be.

"What? That's what a HERO does! No need to thank me! HAHAHA!" Alfred laughs "Besides! You looked cute all passed out!" He blushes "And I wanted to make sure you were ok..." he looks down at the ground turning a deeper shade of red. "I-I mean, you are my bestest friend!" he says looking up and throwing his arm around my neck.

"It was really weird waking up! You were all blurry!" I say laughing. Suddenly I stop, I remember, before I realized my "Hero" was Alfred, did I really think this, loud, burger munching guy was...Cute? I blushed...Was...Was I falling for my best friend?

I'm not really that popular, I have a lot of friends, but I'm not the popular type! I'm a rather shy person...I just try my best to be nice...and some how, Alfred AKA Mr.Popular became my best friend! Most the time, we hung out after class, making fun of teachers and playing video games...Just a plutonic friendship...

Could It ever be anything...more? I think while taking a strand of my (Hair Length, Hair Colour) and twirling it between my fingers...

My thoughts were interrupted by Alfred clearing his throat.


"Oh! Sorry! Yeah?" I say snapping out of my daze, and back into reality. Looking into his blue eyes...gosh...he WAS cute...

"Uhh...Mr.Coach-Guy ( Author Note: The PE Teacher, I'M SORRY! Names have escaped me...) says you still have to make up the baseball..." Alfred says averting his eyes from mine and blushing

"He had the teams leave out all the equipment...and said "I'll have (Your Name) put them away, for her make up work" then did a cartwheel..." he continues"What! There's like 30 people in that class! It's gonna take me along time, eh?" I sigh. I'm not that strong, or what people would call fact, I remember getting tired playing baseball today, so I went to sit down, that's when Baseball used: Giga Impact on (Your name). Critical hit! It was super effective! (Your name) fainted...

"Don't worry!" Alfred grinned "THE HERO WILL HELP!! It's not fair to make a girl, like yourself do all the work" he said pointing at me, "Without a strong boy like me to help!" he said then moving his hand and pointing towards himself.

"Wow! Really?? Thank you so much! You really ARE my hero!" I giggle, causing him to blush yet again. Maybe...he liked me back...

"Well! There is one tiny little catch." he mentions grabbing my hand off the cot, then looking me in the eyes "You have to go on a date with me. Ok?" he says nervously waiting for your response.

"A...Alfred? You mean it? Your not joking?" I ask him shyly. There's probably no way my crush actually liked me back!

"I KNEW IT!" he says embarrassed. He drops my hand and buries his face in his hands. "There's no way you'd date me..." he mumbles.

"Hey! Alfred! I didn't say no..." I pause watching him pick his head up from his hands, curiously awaiting what I had to say next. "
"I'd love to go on a date with you Alfred." I whisper stroking his face with my hand.

"R-REALLY!?! DUDE! THAT'S AWESOME!! YOU WONT REGRET IT I PROMISE!!" He proclaims happily, a genuine smile lighting up his face.

"Well, shall we go put away the equipment now?" I ask with a smile tilting my head, witch causes more pain to my head... "OWCH...Darn it..." I say trying to make myself get off of the cot.

"Woah, woah, woah! Take it easy! I'll go put away all the junk, and you just rest. Then when I finish we can go on our date." He says pleased with his smart idea.

"Here, I'll also walk you to your room, so you can change and get you and ice pack, just because I am totally a hero." Alfred gets up and searches through one of the cupboards until he finds an ice pack, places it in my left hand and grabs my right hand with his left, and walks me to my room

When we get to my door Alfred smirks for a moment then bursts out laughing hysterically.

"Whats so funny Alfie?" I look at him patting him on the shoulder, making sure he wasn't having like a hamburger withdrawal or something. (It's a serious condition people! *Shot* I was raise awareness...*SHOT SHOT SHOT* Ok! Gosh! Are you Swiss or something! I'll stop)

"Pfffft! I was thinkin' (Your name), even though Gilbert hit the baseball, I'M the one with a home run! HAHAHA!!" He keeps laughing tears in his eyes, putting his hand on the wall to keep himself from falling over. Aww! That was so corny and lame! But still cute! I think.

I walk over to Alfred and give him a kiss on the cheek. He stops laughing immediately, and blushes. "Ok, I'm going to change now" I say turning around quickly and walking away embarrassed.

But, Alfred grabs my hand causing me to come to a hault, with my door just a few feet away. Alfred grabs my shoulder and spins me around, not hesitating to kiss me full on the lips. I could faintly taste Coca-Cola. I leaned forward Alfred took my hands and held them in his , this was my FIRST kiss after all and it was hacking amazing! After awhile longer I had to pull away because I needed more air!

"Alright! I'll meet you back here ASAP!" Alfred says releasing my hands and running down the hall to so pick up the equipment for me.

"I LOVE YOU (Your name)!" Alfred shouts while continuing running at his full speed down the hallway, turning left to head to the outside corridor.

"I-I LOVE YOU TO ALFRED!!" I giggle as I shout back, placing the ice-pack he handed me earlier onto my head.
"AND HURRY! AS FAST AS YOU CAN ALFIE!" I shout again heading back into my room.

Please do. Thank you my hero!
I think Baseball has become my new favorite sport!


Thank you all for reading this! I'm sorry It's pretty bad! I'm new to this whole thing! I think it's called a one-shot? I'm not sure! If anyone has tips I'll gladly accept them!! If anyone has any requests I'll be happy to do them! (I'd be surprised if anyone wanted ME to do a request Haha!!) Though, don't expect them right away! I'm just starting out at this kind of thing, so thinking of prompts will be a bit hard! And I'm bust sometimes! I just bought Dark Souls and our schools finals are really soon QAQ Witch makes me sad...Also, I'd prefer if they were easy to write about...I mean like nobody like Ladonia or Bulgaria...etc. Sorry. And If you have any tips on writing PLEASE let me know!!
Hetalia is indeed owned by the brilliant mind of Hidekaz Himaruya
But in this story America is allll yours!
Thanks you for your time! ~ MC-Sherlock


P.S.S I couldn't figure out how to make this literature....sorry
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