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June 11, 2013
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Sweden X Reader Well?

You never really believed in love at first sight, and it never happened (XD I bet I threw ya for a loop there!) . It took you awhile to warm up to Berwald, but once you realized you liked him, you told Tino and he set you guys up on a date. It was awkward at first him not being very chatty, or anything really and you being nervous. But you two some how hit it off and became a couple.

You actually met Berwald through Tino, back when you were a new country, attending your very first World Conference. To nervous to talk to anyone, you sat by yourself until Finland saw you looking sad and lonely and invited you to go sit with him and his friends (The Nordics). And finally wanting to make some new friends, you accepted his kind offer! Then he introduced you to Norway (Lukas), Iceland (Emeil), Denmark (Mathias) and best of all Sweden (Berwald).

"Well?" You ask looking into your boyfriend Berwald's eyes.
You two have been dating for almost a year now.You just worked up the courage to tell him "I love you" for the first time, but it seems he wasn't listening at all, much to your displeasure.

"...Sorry..."Berwald says with his usual blank expression. "I got lost in your eyes." He says while taking a drink of his coffee.

You really love him, he may be sullen and quiet, not to mention intimidating. But you don't mind, in fact you happen to find loud people annoying. "Never mind then Sve..." you sigh rather dissapointed. You sit down on the couch next to him, your head hanging down in sadness, tears pricking at your eyes, you could feel the rest of the Nordic nation's eyes looking at you sympathetically.

I really love him, with all my heart... but does he even feel the same way about me? You think while trying to blink away your tears. You don't want to cry in front of everyone, Lukas, Emeil, Mathias, Tino and then Berwald.

Maybe he's not ready for a serious relationship...I frown sourly. We have been going out for a year, if he didn't like me by now he would've left, you shrug. Maybe he just didn't hear reassure yourself, reaching in front of you and grabbing a mug of Tino's famous hot chocolate resting on a silver tray on the coffee table (Ikea Brand, obviously) and bringing it up to your mouth to take a sip. Closing your eyes you enjoy the rich chocolaty taste. You had always admired Tino's cooking skills.

You feel a light tap on your shoulder, you lower the mug and see Tino standing in front of you with his adorable smile. "Hey Tino!" You smile trying to distract your thoughts.

"Heyy!! You should come help me make more hot chocolate!! Since all of it's gone and everyone wants more!!" Tino chirps happily "Right? Everyone??" he says turning around and facing the rest of the Nordics who were all drinking their hot chocolate rapidly.

"...Yes." Lukas says in his monodrone voice

"It's good." Emeil says patting his pet Puffin

"I'd rather have BEER though!!" Mathais laughs only to get cut off by a stomach punch from Lukas. "I-i mean...Yeah! D-delish..." He murmurs doubling over with pain.

"...Da" Berwald says.

"Ok! Come on then!!" Tino grabs your hand and practically drags you out of the living room and into the kitchen.

-----(Sweden) Berwald's Point of View!-----                                                        

Vell, my girlfriend (Your Name) just told me she loved me...I've loved her for a long time, and decided whenever she was ready we could take the next step. It vas hard for me to “Ignore” her response. I vouldn’t have, if I didn’t have this all planned out.

Just a vhile ago, I made a plan with the other Nordics that when (Your Name) said she loved me, I would propose to her. So I left the task to Tino to get her out of the room and Lukas, Emeil and Mathais to help with the reason they had to leave.
I could’ve married (Your name) after our first month together, I really fell “Head over heels” in love with her, as Tino puts it.

"Ok...They'll be back soon" I say standing up and walking over to the door, kneeling down and grabbing the black velvet box out of my back pocket.

"You nervous man?" Mathais sneers as he leans back into the sofa, putting his legs up on the coffee table and folding them.

"...Kind of..." I reply solemnly, my eyes focusing on the door in front of me, knowing any moment (Your name) would open the door.

"HAHAHA!! I DIDN'T KNOW THAT WAS POSSIBLE!! HOW HILA-" Mathais's rude laughter was cut off by the lack of air he had, since Lukas grabbed his tie and started choking him.

"He's not a rock stupid, he has emotions too." Lukas says coldly, ignoring Mathais begging for mercy.

"Don't worry, you'll do fine" Emeil says dipping some licorice into his hot chocolate. "Would you stop flailing!?! You almost made me spill my drink!" Emil says angrily at Mathais who was now purple in the face.

-----Your Point of View again!-----                                                                                    

"Ok Tino, I got the tray!" You say about to push open the door to the living room and deliver the freshly made hot chocolate to everyone.

"NO WAIT!! I mean, I'll take it!! You might drop it on accident and this tray...umm...belonged to Hanatamago's mother!! So it's very important to me!!" He proclaims walking over to you and holding out his hand to take the tray.

"...Ok Finny..." you say handing him the silver tray with the hot chocolate, and trying to stop goofy grin from spreading across your face.

Your hand grabs the doorknob and you slowly turn it, and push open the door, "WE HAVE BROUGHT THE HOT CH-" you were shouting but, the sight of Berwald in front of you makes you stop. "Umm...Wh-what are you doing??" You say eyes widening in surprisement at the sight of Berwald kneeling down holding a little black velvet box. He opens it slowly revealing the shiny blue diamond ring with a gold band resting inside. You started tearing up out of sheer joy because, one you loved most FINALY showed you some sign that he loved you back.

"(Your Name), I was listening to you earlier...And I love you to. I always vill. So, vould you become my wife?" his baby blue eyes locking with your (eye colour) ones.

"I...I..." You stammer for a moment "I do!!" you say getting down on you knees and wrapping your arms around him, while all the Nordics cheer in the background.

"Congradulations!!" Tino sqeals "You two are such a cute couple!!"

"YEAH MAN!! Hot new wife by the way!!" Mathais winks

"I...HAVE...HAD....ENOUGH...OF...YOU..." Lukas growls at Mathais, making him cower in fear.

"Oh, I knew it would work." Emeil says reaching behind the sofa and pulling out a bottle of champagne (they had this all planned, like I said. And Mathais likes to drink so...yeah couch champagne)

"Vell, here I'll put it on you." Berwald grabs your hand with his strong one and slips the delicate wedding ring on to your left ring finger. Then you lean forward and place your lips on his gently, he brings his hands up and runs them through your (Hair length and hair colour ), you wrap your arms around his torso, after the kiss Berwald looks at you with a smile and says "Vell, let's go to sleep...Wife." you nod in agreement, all the excitement was tiring you out.

"Don't get to comfy you two! We have alot of planning to do!" Tino says

"Whatever! Let them leave! More champagne for me!" Mathais lunges his hand forward and tries to snatch the bottle from Emeil, who just popped it open, when the cork flew towards Mathais and hit him right between the eyes.

Everyone laughed at his misfortune, exept for him. But hey, It's not about Mathais, It's about you and your fiancé, Berwald.
You all talked about things to come, and drank the champagne, and when you did go to sleep, you finaly got to be in the strong arms of the handsome man you loved the most, and just to know he loves you too made you the happiest girl in the world.
XD I had to make the Nordics to humorous things!! I'm so sorry you got abused Denmark!! I still love you!!

Hetalia is Owned By Hidekaz Himaruya :iconhimaruyaplz:

I don't own the picture either!

Nor do I own you, :iconchibiswedenplz: He does though!

Thank you for your time
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